Commit to your pleasure

MARCH 2016

Celebrating women’s genuine female orgasms, every day.

February might be the month of love, but we declare

March is the month of the ORGASM!

This March, you’re invited to PRIORITIZE YOUR PLEASURE and orgasms.

Every day.

It’s as simple – and satisfying – as that.

“Our Pleasure Pledge is about prioritizing your orgasms on a daily basis. Of course, as any good CEO and found would do, I’ve tested this out to make sure it’s as wonderful as we’re saying it is.

It really has an amazing effect!

We’ve found that the Pledge participants experienced everything from more appreciation of their bodies, to deeper connection and intimacy within their relationships, to reduced stress levels, to better sleeping patterns and even weight loss!

All these good things that we crave…

How cool is it that they can come from our orgasms?!”

Real women, changed lives...